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    Dual ISP Connectins?

    hubtech New Member

      Is it possible to have two ISP connections on the netvanta 7100?  Currently have a dynamic T1 and we are outgrowing the bandwidth for data and voice traffic.  I wanted to dedicate the T1 to the voice side of things and put in a high speed cable connection for data.


      thanks in advance all!!!

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          charles Employee



          The NetVanta 7100 will support this setup.  You would need to configure the new Internet connection and change your static default route to point to the gateway on this new connection.  For the current Internet connection, that will just be used for voice, add static routes to the IP address ranges used by your voice service provider.




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              I also wanted to link to this guide that can be used to configure failover between the two Internet connections in addition to Charles advice:

              Configuring Multiple WAN Connection Failover in AOS