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    firmware upgrade no login afterward

    anchor New Member

      Hi!  I upgraded my firmware from a 17.01.... to the newest firmware and now cannot login.  My passwords were md5 hashed and service password-encryption was on before the upgrade.  The router is functioning fine and prompts for login via ssh and http.  However, the password no longer works.  What's the easiest way to reset the admin password?  Is this a bug in the upgrade process?  How can I get it to boot to secondary firmware?



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          vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

          As long as it is not a 3100 series, the router has a serial connection.  If you have physical access to the unit, you can use console access.  You can then reboot the router while console connection is on.  There is a brief prompt indicating you have 5 seconds to press 'Esc' to enter Bootstrap.  Once you get into bootstrap you do the following:


          1.  type bypass passwords (space) Enter

          2.  boot (space) Enter


          The router will boot and load the startup-config, but no user password or enable password is required to configure the router by console.  Go into configure terminal and enter the username [desired username] password "[desired password]" + Enter


          If it is a NetVanta 3100 Series router, you have to set your computer's IP to 10.10.10.(anything but 1), then cycle power on the router with your computer connected to one of the switch ports, As soon as the Status light start to blink, press the reset button in with a paper clip.  That should put the router in bootstrap mode so you can telnet to the unit and do the same steps.


          Here is another post on how to deal with this issue: [video] - Password Recovery in AOS


          I hope this helps.