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    Phone Data VLAN question

    jonhutchins New Member



      I understand that by default the phone uses VLAN1 to reach the server, then it's quickly told to use VLAN2 and it finishes it's registration.  My challenge is that I would like to use a different data VLAN for the PC port (VLAN10).  There is no routing between VLAN1 and VLAN10.  Is there a way to have the data VLAN be VLAN10 once the phone is up or is there a way to just make the phone boot on VLAN2 and use VLAN10 as the native data VLAN?


      The reason for this is that our NetVanta has a dedicated T1 for SIP calls and we'd like to move the user traffic to our 10mbps Internet link.  I'm good with networking but not a NetVanta expert.  I'm open to suggestions on solving this issue.