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    TA 1500 Dual FXS/DPO

    aksteve New Member

      I seem to be having an odd problem getting P/N 1180298L2 FXS cards to work or even show up in the craft terminal screen.


      I have one FXS cards that will show up. However it will not pass audio. Signalling is working. I can draw dial tone from the remote FXO card and I have dial tone present on the T-1 at the DS0 however not at the test phone.


      I have tried replacing the FXS card with a spare but have not been able to get any of them to show up on the CT screen. I have tried 4 brand new cards all manufactured 12/5/12.


      My SCU P/N is 1180008L23 with V15 software

      My LIU   P/N is 1180009L1  with T26D software.

      These were recently upgraded to allow us to use Centrex cards which are all working well.


      Is anyone else having this problem or am I just lucky!

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          tee1up Employee

          That is the latest software for the SCU/LIU cards so you should be OK there. Do you have another TA1500 chassis with different set of SCU/LIU cards that you can install the FXS cards in to see if they are recognized in another shelf? Are these the dual port 1180208L2 FXS cards?

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              tee1up Employee

              Did you get your issue resolved or are you still experiencing problems with the FXS cards not showing up?

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                  aksteve New Member

                  Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I am on vacation till Mar 11th and will not be able to work on this till then.

                  To answer your questions:

                  The FXS cards are the dual port type. I probably fat fingered the part number.

                  I did try my original two FXS cards in the customer end shelf and had the same results. One went through the POST( LED's flashed) process but did not work. The other did not POST at all. I did not take a laptop with me on that trip so I could not tell you for certain if they showed up in the software screens. However when these cards were tested in my Central Office end shelf the one that POST'ed showed up in software but did not pass recieve audio to the telephone test set. The one that did not POST did not show up in software screen. The 3 new FXS cards I tried before going on vacation in my test shelf also did not POST or show in software.

                    This is an odd problem since one of the cards actually does sort of work, but the others do not. I would guess corrupted SCU sofware, however my Centrex cards all work good in both shelves and the FXO type cards appear to also work.

                    When I get back I will try the spares in the customer end shelf to see if they show up. If not I will be calling Tech Support number to get this resolved since there are orders pending on this.



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                aksteve New Member

                I'm back from my vacation/retirement training!

                I was able to get the FXS/DPO cards to work in the customer end shelf and get the services I needed turned up. I did have a rather high "out of box" failure rate of the FXO cards. Three out of six brand new cards did not POST. I'll be sending those back.

                I still do have the problem of the CO end shelf not "seeing" the FXO type card but that is not needed to serve this customer's needs and further troubleshooting and service disruptions are not justified. A possible reason for the odd behavior that I am seeing is that the Adtran equipment that I was supplied for this job was obtained from a "Grey Market" supplier and was in used condition. I would suggest to others that if proper operation is important to them that they purchase new gear.