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    How do you remove an expired license from a BSC600

    kyliecnz New Member

      I have a customer who has decided to opt out of subscribing to BlueProtect and would like to remove the entry which says expired in the license area.


      Is there an easy way to do this as I don't seem to be able to find any details around how to remove the license


      Below is a screen capture of what he wants to remove

      BSC600 Lic Issue.png

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          daniel.blackmon Employee



          You will first want to make sure the Blueprotect is disabled. You can do this by going to the General> HTTP settings page (see screenshot below). Once you have disabled Blueprotect, verify that your roles are not configured with a Blueprotect policy. This should happen automatically when you disable the service. After all changes have been made, simply reboot the controller to clear the message.



          Please note, the Blueprotect license page will continue to display in the same manner as your screenshot. What I have described will remove the green message that displays near the top of the web UI. Also, if you ever go back to the license page, the green message will reappear.

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              nick Employee

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