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    FXO Failover Configuration

    cwallace New Member

      Does anyone have an example FXO failover configuration for the NetVanta 6000 Series gateways? I had configured this a couple of years ago from some documents that were on the old kb.adtran.com site and I can't seem to find those same documents again. I am running transparent proxy on a NV 6334 with Polycom phones registering to our Class 5 softswitch. I am wanting to provide POTS survivability for 911, etc. in the event the phones lose connectivity to the softswitch.

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          david Employee



          Thanks for posting!  The SIP Proxy Survivability feature is built in and works just by configuring a separate voice trunk on the unit.  Assuming all of your SIP proxy configuration is complete, below is an example of adding an FXO trunk.


          voice trunk T10 type analog supervision loop-start


            connect fxo 0/0


          voice grouped-trunk ANALOG

            description "911 and survivability"

            trunk T10

            accept $ cost 0


          ip sip proxy emergency-call-routing accept 911

          The last command shown is optional.  This command forces all 911 calls to always use the FXO port.  Also, the FXO port numbering, 0/0 is shown, may be different depending upon which unit, module slot, and specific port you are using.  Feel free to respond to this post if you have further questions.



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              cwallace New Member


              Thanks for the follow up, I ended up opening a service request on this and was able to get it setup and working. Below are some of the key commands that helped...


              voice trunk T01 type analog supervision loop-start

                description "FAILOVER"

                connect fxo 0/1

                rtp delay-mode adaptive

                codec-list Default


              voice grouped-trunk FAILOVER

                description "FAILOVER"

                trunk T01

                accept 911 cost 0

                permit proxy


              voip name-service host sbc.xyx.com sip udp


              ip sip proxy emergency-call-routing proxy

              ip sip proxy emergency-call-routing accept 911


              domain-proxy failover