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    Can I use my Netvana 1534 for IP phones or do I need the 1534P

    dimmthewitted New Member

      I understand that I need PoE to power the phones and I need QoS to support quality on those calls.

      I understand that the 1534 has QoS, but I could not get a definitive answer in the specs whether it supports PoE.  There is a PoE software upgrade to the 1534 model (which is confusing) but it looks like only the 1534P supports Power over Ethernet.


      Also if we look at the PoE setup specs by Adtran




      We see they have a Netvana 3448 switch powering IP phones in the network map, but that switch's specs say nothing about PoE either.


      I have 5 Netvana 1534 switches already.  Do I need to replace them all to get IP phones?


      Any help is greatly appreciated, I am more of a web developer, but in small business you wear a lot of hats.