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    Softphone & Hardphone simultaneous connection

    sangeeth New Member

      Hi- I am having Netventa 7100 working fine with Polycom 331, Today i tested with Softphone and it also worked great. My Question is it possible to use both Softphone and polycom 331 simultaneously for a user. I have some users that might need to use softphone while out of office but need to use hardphone when they are inside office.


      I configure this senario  and found that i am able to make call through soft phone without any issue but when i disconnect the softphone and if somebody dials my extension it goes to voice mail.


      Looking forward to get help in sorting this out.


      Thanks in Advance


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          If the user is only going to use one phone at a time that is ok to do.  When a hardphone or softphone registers with the NetVanta 7100, the IP address the registration comes from will be logged to keep track of where that extension lives so future calls can be routed to it.  For your test most likely what happened is the softphone registered after the hardphone, and then when you made the softphone unavailable the 7100 tried to route the call to the last known registered address for that extension from the softphone.  In the use case scenario you described this likely will not be an issue since the softphone will register and stay available until the user returns to the office.  If there is a case where both the hardphone and softphone need to be used at the same time the best way to accomplish that is to make the extension people dial to reach the user a ring-group number that will call a separate private extension for both the hardphone and softphone.  For example, I would give out 2011 as my extension for people to call me at, but really that is a ring group number that would ring my hardphone (x2098) and my softphone (x2099).  When people try to call me at x2011 both phones would ring and I could answer the call from either phone.