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    Sending (transferring) call direct to user mailbox.

    dainfotech New Member

      Is there an easier way to transfer a call directly to someone's mailbox on a 7100, other than transferring the call to (default) extension 8504 and entering a mailbox.

      Possibly a SPRE code ? I thought there ws but cannot remember.

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          markfreeman Employee


          This depends on what firmware you are running in your NV7100. In R10.2 the *86 spree code was added


          *86xxxx                 Send User Directly to Voicemail


          If you are using a release prior to this, then you will have to dial 8504. Another option is to set up a speed dial on tha phone of 8504, so just press the soft phone button and then you would just have to dial that users extension.


          Hope that helps.


          If you want to download the firmware for the 7100 you can go here:  NetVanta 7100