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    BCS to ECS Upgrade in a Virtualized 2012 Environment

    workforceinsight New Member

      Our organization will soon be working with Adtran & CenturyLink to upgrade from the BCS to ECS platform for UC Server. The documentation on the ECS, found here, http://www.adtran.com/web/appmanager/portal/Adtran?_nfpb=true&partNumber=1951250BG1*&productGroupId=3691&selectTab=documentation&_pageLabel=waverunner_page_products_productdetail -- seems out of date -- with a publication date of 2009.


      To minimize costs and improve uptime, we'd like to leverage two technologies within our organization:


      1. First, we'd like to have the ECS running in a virtual environment. The 2009 documentation says that Hyper-V isn't supported, however, Hyper-V 2012 (bundled with Windows Server 2012 Datacenter) is vastly improved over previous iterations. If I dedicate (bind) a network adapter to the ECS virtual machine instance, would that calm the worries Adtran had in 2009 with Hyper-V?


      2. If we can house the ECS virtual machine in Hyper-V 2012, I'd like to run the ECS Server as a virtualized Server 2012 environment as well. Server 2012 gives greater functionality for repairing damaged system files and ensures higher availability of the instance.


      Do you have any thoughts on this?