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    Question on Adtran 3120 installs on Eth/01 interface address

    jimboy New Member

      We have installed several 3120’s with our bonded DSL customers, where we bridge our Telco modem into the 3120. We have set up IP ffe on each install with no problem. IP ffe is added to int PPP1 and VLAN 1. My question is about the eth/01 interface that has no IP address. The gateway address is on the VLAN 1, not the eth/01. So we can’t of course add ffe to that interface with no ip address.  Is this OK? Or would it be better to change the gateway address to the eth 0/1? Then would we make the Vlan 1 address


      We just want to make sure going forward with new installs that we don’t develop any bad habits! THANKS!!


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