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    netvana 3305 as a WAN router

    chris.acdtele New Member

      I have installed a netvanta 3305 on my main site and i want to connect it up to my ISP router through my eth 0/1 port, i have my WAN ip address and netmask and gateway which i tested on a simple WAN router, i also want my eth 0/2 port to send out a local subnet of to my devices which can grab internet as well, i know i need to bridge the WAN to the LAN subnet through the routing table which i know little to nothing on how to do so. Does anyone know how to use the routing table to set up a WAN connection through eth 0/1 and then send out internet on a subnet through eth 0/2? Please Help.

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          chris.acdtele - Thanks for posting your questionon the forum!


          I may be incorrect, but it sounds like you will have your internet connection coming into your WAN port (eth 0/1) and your devices will be connected via the LAN port (eth 0/2). If this is the case, there are a few things you will want to configure:


          - Route table: You will need to configure a default route. This route will have destination network of and a subnet mask of Your next-hop or gateway IP will be the IP address of the LAN port of your ISP router. This will be all you need to configure on the AOS router as fall as the route table goes.


          - Firewall: You can simply go through the firewall wizard to get this configured. Essentially you will need to configure a source NAT for your devices on your private network to get out to the internet.


          - DHCP: This will enable the NetVanta to hand out IP addresses to your devices with the appropriate settings. You can find instructions on how to set this up in this article: Configuring DHCP in AOS


          Please do not hesitate to let me know if I misunderstood your application or if you have any further questions.




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              chris.acdtele New Member

              So i have the route of with the next hop of my isp router which  is and i plug in my WAN cabke from isp to eth 0/1 and my eth 0/2 hands out dhcp of a subnet which i have the routed to that subnet as well and i no internet off my dhcp addresses.


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