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    Problem with passing data from Total reach DDS-R to Total Access 850 Ds0DP card

    mjdewalt New Member

      Let me describe to you the total circuit design and then then the problem.  I am being handed off from the leased line provider a 56K DDS circuit.  It terminates in my telco room to an Adtran Total reach DDS-R term unit where it gives me the standard 4 wire DDS connection.  It is then connected through 66 block to my Total Access 850 TDM channel bank to a DS0DP card set for 56K.  On the far end of the T1, I have another Total Access 850 channel bank with a OCUDP card installed in the same time slot as the office end DS0DP.  Connected to the far end OCUDP is a Cisco router with a 56K DDS wan interface.  The wan card on the cisco router shows TD and RD lights and CD lights and the OCUDP shows a solid green status light, indicating to me that that end of the circuit is functioning properly.


      As far as the office or master end of this is concerned, I have a solid green status light on the DS0DP.  But that doesn't change no matter what you connect up to it.  The problem I'm having, which I believe is keeping me from passing data from the leased line provider out to the far end of circuit to the Cisco router, is that the Total Reach DDS-R shows a "No DSU" light on it even while connected to the DS0DP card.  If I bring the Cisco router up to the office end and plug it in directly to the Total reach term unit, the No Dsu light goes out and the router has proper connectivity and I can ping the router, so I know that I'm getting data from the leased line provider.  I see no switches or see no configuration within the BCU that would make the DS0DP card seem like a DSU to the Total reach DDS-R.  I'm assuming that, until the No DSU light can be turned off, it won't pass data through to the rest of my circuit.


      Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this situation?