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    After SSID Password change, no logon screen re-direct

    ranweb New Member

      I am a little confused...


      I recently change our SSID password as part of our policy.  I tested it and it seems to have worked (This was on Friday).  Upon coming into work on Tuesday, it would seem that something has happened with my configuration... even though I only changed the password.


      Presently, the users are able to connect to the AP's using the new password.  Once connected, they get the assicated x.252.0.0 IP address until they are authenticated and get their 'real' IP address.  The issue is that the Logon Page never displays.  Typically, when a user launches thier browser, it will automatically re-direct them to the logon page.  Now the browser never gets redirected and the browser eventually times out?


      Did I miss something?  Should I have done something in addition to the pasword change?  I did re-apply all the templates.


      Please help!

      Randy Webster

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          daniel.blackmon Employee



          You will want to check the following items.


          1. Make sure the SSID is configured to use the correct login screen (Provision> Wireless> SSID> click to edit an SSID).
          2. Are clients redirecting to the hostname? (Platform> Admin> HTTP)
          3. If clients are redirecting to the hostname, do they have access to their DNS servers?
            1. Check that DNS is allowed in the Un-registered role. (Provision> Roles)
            2. Further, test that the DNS server resolves the hostname to the proper address. You can use the nslookup command from any host device using the same DNS servers as the wireless clients. You may also want to perform an nslookup on the IP address to check the PTR record, but this is usually only applicable when using SSL certificates.


          If you have checked these settings and feel you have configured the equipment correctly, then you will want to increase the User Tracking Application Log. Go to Platform> Admin> Logging and increase User Tracking to Debug level. That should provide you logs whenever a client is redirected.