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    NetVanta 5305 AC with NetVanta 150 Questions

    moulegend New Member

      I’m working on the setup of our Wireless configurations with our NetVanta 150 AP and running into DNS issues.  I connect our managed switch direct to the Eth 0/1 port on our NetVanta 5305.  The 5305 acts as the AC and is our Edge Router.  I currently have a few VLANs in use and everything works fine with them.  When I setup a VLAN for our Wireless access, I do everything the same and enable the wireless access.  I get everything to sync but I get DNS related issues.  Is it possible to create a VLAN with nothing behind it in regards to a local domain or DNS Server?  I read about the DYNDNS.org and tried that out as well, but didn't have any success.  If I plug the Wireless AP 150 into one of my other VLAN's and tag it accordingly, it works with no issues. 

      If the only way to make the wireless AP work with my VLAN setup is through the use of an existing VLAN, I may need some guidance on the firewall policy filter to block any internal traffic.  I just simply want one guest wireless access account. 

      Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

      Current Setup:

      ISP Provider over PPP|ETH 0/1-5305|Managed Switch|Wireless Access Point