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    Upgrade FW error AP 1840

    supermétal New Member



      We have deployed the new verion from vWLAN (2.2.1) and we have read this documentation: https://www.adtran.com/pub/Library/Bluesocket%20Documents/vWLAN_V2_2_1_Upgrade_Guide.pdf


      but, we have this message when a try the upgrade my AP to the version 6.6.0-25 whit this file :w-bsap1840_1800v2-6.6.0-25.bidp



      and the log:

      ap    config    failed    Failed to send configuration to AP 00:19:92:0b:ed:c0    ERRORS    2013-01-08 14:21:20
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          daniel.blackmon Employee

          Hi supermétal,


          A few items have changed between vWLAN version 2.1 and version 2.2, and some default behavior may have changed. One very important item is the access point (AP) firmware within the AP templates. It is possible that a template may not specify firmware, and when this happens any AP using that template will be unusable until firmware has been specified within the template (see image below).


          When a template is applied to an AP, and the administrator applies changes to the AP, the AP will attempt to pull it's settings from the controller. Once the settings have been pulled, the AP boots into a low level software version in order to apply those changes. One of the areas that may change is the firmware, however if there is no firmware listed in the template then the AP cannot apply new firmware and thus becomes stuck in this low level state.


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              erik Employee

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