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    upgrading IP331 firmware from 3.1.3 to 3.2.7

    most_ahdy New Member


         I have a number of IP 331 ,one IP6000 ,one IP601,one IP430 and one IP501 IPphones.

      all have firmware version 3.1.3 and bootRom version 4.1.3.

      My Netvanta 7100 firmware version is R10.5.0.E

      I tried to upgrade the above IPphone firmware version to 3.2.7 and BootRom 4.3.1 by first use NV7100 GUI IP phone Globals-->Boot Setting-->Default Firmware to be 3.2.1, then reboot all the phones but nothing happen to these phones ,their  firmware still 3.1.3.

      Then I downloaded Polycom_3.2.7_SIP_and_4.3.1_Bootrom for each above IPphone , then uploaded them to Polycom folder in 7100 Cflash then reboot all the phones but again nothing happen their firmware still 3.1.3

      Then I deleted all the old BootRom and SIP files exists in Polycom folder and leave just the new ones and reboot the phones but again the same version exists 3.1.3.

      Please be noticed that I adjust the default firmware for all the above Polycom phones in NV7100 to be 3.2.x.

      Please note that after each of the above steps I reboot NV7100

      So any advice regarding these issue.



      Mostafa Aly