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    Ap-1800 upgrade issues

    aboggs New Member

      Long story short we blew a power supply on the old Bluesocket box and had a replacement sent out.

      Since it was down anyway we decided to upgrade the AP's from 1500's to 1800's.

      Since doing that about 10% of our patrons are unable to pass internet traffic.

      They connect but go no where.

      It appears to be effecting a range of Atheros Chipsets. Mostly AR9285/7's

      I have made sure that a bunch of them are using the latest drivers.

      We have tweaked this and that on the AP's but nothing seems to help.

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          erik Employee

          Thanks, aboggs. Out of curiosity, do you have "Enable WMM and Admission Control" selected under the QoS Settings subheading in Wireless > Global > 802.11b/g/n (and 802.11a/n)?




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              aboggs New Member

              It is now. We will see if that helps.

              Will report back.

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                nick Employee

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