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    New to adtran, please help.

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      Hey everyone, I am trying to configure a static NAT, about 15 IPs no firewall, just straight pass-through, any SIMPLE way to do this? I looked in the GUI but cannot figure out a way to do it... T1 is disabled ETH 0/1 is WAN ETH 0/2 is LAN to switch. I also need to configure SIP Proxy. I am totally lost. Model is NV6310 With SBC. We currently have a cisco router, but it does not have SBC, changing to fiber with SIP. I did not configure the current router, and I dont know much about AOS or IOS. Thank you for your time!



      I have tried to configure the IP's on the internal and external side with telnet, but cannot access the net from the internal PCs connected to it. so not starting from scratch. Basically I want EVERYTHING allowed in and out, from eth 0/1 to eth 0/2 static nat. I will take care of security with firewalls behind the NV6310.

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          Hello and thanks for posting to our forum.


          The most common way to do this would be to have a secondary block of public IP addresses from your provider available so you can do the 1:1 NATing.  Typically you would have a /30 connection on the WAN side of the router to your provider as the primary IP on the WAN interface.  For example:


          eth 0/1 - Primary IP - Mask (with Default Route - set)

          eth 0/1 - Secondary IP - Mask

          eth -/2 - IP - Mask


          You could do 14 NATs with the secondary block of Public IPs.  If you were set on 15 you might need a /27 ( block.



          Here is a link to the NAT Pool Setup: Configuring NAT Pools in AOS

          This guide provides all the commands needed for this application.


          When we spoke on the phone your provider was not able to offer you this exact type of setup for your application.  With their offering being limited, you would not have an easy way to set this up and test.  However if you are able to receive this type of service, the NAT Pool setup would be perfect for your application.




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