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    Netvanta 3133 and or 3120

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      1.) Does the Netvanta 3133 or 3120 support vlan tagging from the ethernet lan and or ethernet wan ports? (I need the capability of tagging all traffic leaving the Adtran router to my mpls provider with a specific VLAN)

      2.) Can I use the Ethernet LAN ports as a backup WAN interface with failover using tracks? (this is so I can provide a level of redundancy for the VoIP traffic that would otherwise reach my VoIP provider via the MPLS network in place and failover to the backup time warner circuit in place)

      3.) Can I use bgp with these routers to advertise my LAN networks to my mpls provider using an ASN assigned to us by our mpls provider?

      4.) The reason I would like to use the 3100 series router outside of the VQM with the enhanced firmware (which has been tremendously helpful for us on the Netvanta 900 series routers you have in resolving VoIP issues) is because I need to have a total of 4 ethernet interfaces, two need to have the ability to be purposed for WAN connectivity and the other two would be used for access layer switches with about 50 voip endpoints, can the 3100 series router support this level of load or is there another router you may suggest that meets my requirements for ethernet port capacity, dual wan support, wan vlan tagging for mpls, and bgp for mpls.


      Thank you very much for your help in this matter! we are a network services provider in New York and are very satisfied with your products to date.

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          The 3120 has 4 switch ports which can each be programmed to access an individual VLAN or it can be programmed as a 802.1q trunk port. 


          That trunked switch port can be programmed to have a native VLAN of your choice.  Any untagged traffic leaving that switch port will be tagged with the native VLAN ID. 


          The Ethernet 0/1 interface can also handle VLAN tagging if you needed it to do so by configuring encapsulation with sub-interfaces.

          In this case, any packets not tagged would be tagged by the interface with VLAN 1.



          Interface Ethernet 0/1

            encapsulation 802.1q

            no shutdown


          Interface Ethernet 0/1.1

            ip address

            vlan-id 1 native

            no shutdown


          Interface Ethernet 0/1.2

            ip address

             vlan-id 2

             no shutdown


          I hope this helps.

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            1) Yes

            2) Yes but keep in mind the CPU limitations of a 3120. It's not really designed for that sort of thing even though it can be programmed to do it. You're dealing with a box rated at 10Mbps of throughput

            3) Yes

            4) With that number of VOIP endpoints and the fact that you want to use VQM, I don't think I would recommend the 3120 for that. Without more information on bandwidth, simultaneous call volumes, etc, I would err on the side of caution and recommend you go with a 3448 (with EFP for the VQM part) instead.



            Ronnie Colvin

            Adtran Applications Engineering