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    IKE.NEGOTIATION: IkeHandleInfoXChg fail

    megasmithers New Member

      Hello Adtran community,


      I keep getting the following error when my sites are on DBU (3120/3130 routers):

      2012.12.04 10:30:07 CRYPTO_IKE.NEGOTIATION IkeInNotifyProcess: IkeFindIpsecSAbySPI failed

      2012.12.04 10:30:07 CRYPTO_IKE.NEGOTIATION IkeHandleInfoXChg : InNotifyProcess failed

      2012.12.04 10:30:07 CRYPTO_IKE.NEGOTIATION peer [DATA MASKED]: IkeHandleInfoXChg fail




      It comes in groups of 2-5, sometimes just enough to be a nuisance, other times making the CLI completely useless (until you enter "no event" to stop them from displaying).

      It seems to happen more frequently when the DBU connection is poor (line noise, bandwidth 36k or less, etc).

      It... also doesn't seem to be a big deal. Then again I'm not using my client sites, and they're not able to really test the connection at will.


      So what does this mean, and am I right in assuming it's just a result of a poor connection and not really service-affecting?



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          Thank you for asking this question in the support community.  Those messages typically mean traffic is not communicating in both directions (which could be due to a poor connection in this case).  However, if it happens consistently when the connections are stable, I would be happy to review the configurations of the VPN peers and evaluate the output from the debug crypto ike with you.


          Please, do not hesitate to reply to this post with any additional information or questions.  I will be happy to help in any way I can.