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    how to uplink two netvanta 1234 switches?

    jdorrego New Member

      Probably this would be the dumbest question in the forum but, I´m quite unexperienced in dealing with managed switches.

      I have to uplink a second netvanta 1234p to an existing one to increase the number of ip-phones in my location. The "old" switch has two vlans created, vlan1 and vlan200 to which the ip-phones connect too.

      This is what I´ve already done so far.

      1.-I have setup port gig 0/4 as a uplink port to the "new" switch with the following commands:



      en <cr>

      PASSWORD: password <cr>

      Switch #

      config t <cr>



      interface gig 0/1 <cr>



      description---->UPLINK SWITCH 2<--- <cr>

      spanning-tree edgeport <cr>

      switchport mode trunk <cr>

      switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,200 <cr>

      exit <cr>



      Exit <cr>


      Switch #

      wr <cr>


      2.- I´ve done the same configuration for port gig0/1 in the "new" switch

      3.- I´ve setup port eth0/1 to 24 in the "new" switch to connect to vlan200 that runs the voip part using the following commands:

      Spanning-tree edgeport <cr>

      Switchport voice vlan 200 <cr>

      Switchport voice-signaling vlan 200 <cr>

      Exit <cr>



      Exit <cr>


      Switch #

      wr <cr>

      Is that correct?, or should I do something else?... I´m learning as it goes...

      Thanks for your help Guys!!!

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          dcorrea Visitor

          Hi jdorrego,


          Your config seems good to me, just a few suggestions:


          1. Be sure that the native vlan is the same in both switches.

          2. You set up the spanning-tree edgeport, which is normally used in ports connected to end points (PC's, Phones, etc), but if your switch will not participate on any STP process the command is OK.


          Then your configuration will work fine.



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            jdorrego -

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