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    vWLAN Beacon Interval

    jbk New Member

      Was asked by a client why the beacon interval in vWLAN appliance is 200 mS (and strongly recommended) and in the physical controllers (at least older BSC-600's running 6.2) the default beacon interval it's 100 mS.

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          kennethfernandes Employee

          We set a beacon interval of 200 ms so that less airtime is used by beacons by default. Each SSID you have is going to send a beacon at the beacon interval. This is not usually an issue if you have a few SSIDs but where you have many SSIDs, significant airtime can be consumed by just beacons. There are situations where you have a few SSIDs where you may want to lower the beacon interval. For example for faster roaming or to notify clients of buffered multicast traffic sooner.

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              nick Employee

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