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    Activation Question

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      As you know, we're getting ready to move to our new building but before we go, we have to activate the new circuit.  I play on activating the circuit the weekend of December 1st with our move in date the following weekend.  I've discussed all the parameters for activation with Verizon and their engineers but wanted to run a few things buy in regards to the NetVanta 5305.


      Since we only have the 1 5305 that can terminate and test the circuits, they want me to make sure I make a copy of the existing configurations. The plan is to pull the router from our operational site and take it to our new building, activate the circuit and then bring it back for the last week of service before moving.


      I have all the current information in regards to Verizon and the next hop and IP info for both locations.  Is there anything else I need to concern myself with during the activation and then bringing the router back?  I'm assuming I just need to change the Static IP information and the next hop in the route table as the two locations are different?  The VLAN information I've setup for testing purposes isn't important because it will change once put into production.


      I've also ordered a DB9-USB connector so I can connect to the router through the serial port if needed for the CLI.  They said it shouldn't be needed but might be depending on how the activation goes.


      Am I missing anything?  Your help is greatly appreciated.

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          Thank you for asking this question in the support community.  If you are going to physically move the ADTRAN unit to another location (with separate configuration settings), then I recommend you save the current configuration to a computer or server and then load it back on the ADTRAN unit when you replace it.  To do this in the web interface navigate to the following:  Utilities > Configuration > Download.This will save a copy of the current configuration. 


          Then when you are testing at the new location, you are correct, typically you should only have to change the IP address/subnet mask and default-route next-hop IP address at the new circuit.  Then when you go back to the original location, you can simply load the "old" configuration back on the unit with the following steps:  Utilities > Configuration > Upload Config: > Reboot Unit (do not save before rebooting).


          I hope that makes sense, but let me know if you have any questions.