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    Aggregation Link with Netgear Switch

    kb9mfd New Member

      I am having a issue with link aggregation with a netgear prosafe GSM7224. (the adtran is a 1234, and I have that trunked to a 1335) I have the link up and running (2 fiber ports) but the stats keep showing symbol errors (on each of the ports and for the agg link). I found out I needed to set the LAG in the netgear as static (I read adtran does not support dynamic link agg), but there is a option in the netgear for the priority (they call it the hash type) and I am not sure what to set that to and even if that matters with the adtran. Even if I reset the stats in the adtran, symbol errors will not clear and seem to be stuck at 4294967294. Am I having an issue or is that just a bug of some sort? The netgear is not showing any errors. Thanks! - Jeremy