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    Module needs for TSU 120E w/ Dynamic T1 & PBX?

    brandon314 New Member



      I've be reading manuals and researching around however I need a good answer for my questions before I purchase some Adtran Gear.


      We currently run a TSU LT Adtran for our T1 (all data) interfacing via V.35 into a Cisco Router.


      We are thinking of setting up this T1 to be dynamic so that we can connect a software PBX into the system (about 7 voice lines max, the rest data). I am considering the TSU 120E.


      From what I understand, my software PBX will need a T1 interface card and will plug into the DSX-1 port on the 120E. My current T1 line will plug into the Network port and my line to my router (V.35) will plug into the V.35 port.


      Are my understandings correct? If so, do I need any additional cards expansion cards? Does the 120E perform dynamic T1 functions (growing/shrinking the data channel usage depending upon phone use)?


      I see some people mention that I need a drop and insert card to be able to perform the dynamic functions of the T1 + PBX setup.


      If I am totally off in the weeds, any recommendations on proper gear would be great. I have higher level IT folks to work with however I am trying to get some ducks in a row for them.


      Thank you for any help,


      -Brandon M.