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    Wireless MAC Access-List blocks everyone

    briano'loughlin New Member

      When applying a mac access-list to the radios, all clients are disconnected.  I've double-checked that the MACs I want allowed on the network are entered correctly and they are.  I'm using the 1638p as my controller for the AP's.  If I remove the ACL, clients can associated to the AP again.  It appears I've done the setup correctly, but something isn't quite right yet.


      On a side note, my customer would like to have a guest SSID on its own VLAN and we've successfully set that up too, but the MAC ACL applies to the whole radio it seems, and not just selected VLANs.  Any work-around thoughts on that would be appreciated too.  We obviously don't want to enter guest MAC addresses.




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          vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

          I couldn't answer on why all clients are disconnected without seeing your programming, but I can tell you that there is no way around the MAC ACL for specific SSID(s).  It is true that the MAC ACL applies to the entire radio.  You could however, have the dedicate a radio to SSID(s) that you do no want to filter.  It is probably not practical or efficient, but that would technically work.


          The only way I know to filter by MAC for specified SSID with Adtran products is to go Bluesocket with vWLAN.  It works great.

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                briano'loughlin New Member

                Thanks Noor, it turns out there was a bug in the software that was not allowing the MAC Access list to work properly.  The load I'm using today is NV1638A-R10-4-0 and I have no further issues. This addresses the MAC access list, and not the feature request of being able to apply a MAC access-list per SSID. That still requires a separate radio.