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    BSC-600 can not send Connection Tracking to a syslog server

    jfcorreas New Member

      In our organization we have a BSC-600 and I can not send Connection Tracking to a syslog server.

      I have prepared and tested a splunk syslog server.

      Using netcat, I have sent messages from another server (not the splunk server).

      Using for example: 'nc-w0-u XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX <<< 514 "<190> msg Info local7 from remote" ', splunk successfully receives the message.
      But splunk does not receive any message from BSC-600.

      I configured Connection Tracking as I show in the attached image. I have restarted all services and even reboot the BSC.
      The firmware version of the BSC is V6.2.0.22.

      Have I forgotten any configuration step? How can I verify that BSC is sending Connection Tracking?

      Thank you.