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    BSAP-1800 Transmit Settings

    pfb0110 New Member

      I have an evironment consisting of BSAP-1800 AP's that are being managed by our vWLAN controller. I'm having an issue with our mobile (iPads) devices when moving from one area to another. The devices seem to drop the connection and then have problems reconnecting to the closest AP. I noticed that some of the AP's in the environment have transmit power set to less than 100%. Can someone advise me as to the correct setting for the 802.11 B/G/N transmit power and 802.11 A/N transmit power?  Thank You in advance......

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          kennethfernandes Employee

          A site survey should be performed to determine the appropriate channels and transmit power settings. Alternatively you can use DynamicRF (Radio Resource Managment) to automatically set channel and power settings based on the RF environment. By default the APs will be in AP mode/Set once and hold. This means that when the APs come up, they will take a look at the RF environment, feed that data back to the vWLAN, and then the vWLAN will provide a channel and power setting based on the DynamicRF algorithm. The AP will then set and hold those settings until the next reboot. The problem with that can often be that the APs may might not have been brought up all at the same time to see a complete picture of the RF environment. The other problem could be that perhaps you still had some legacy APs in place while you were bringing up the Bluesocket APs. Apart from a site survey, I would recommend you select all the APs and perform a dynamic RF calibration under wireless>AP. This will run all the APs in dual mode/continuous for an hour (by default), during which the APs will see a complete picture of the RF environment, and automatically select the best channel and power settings.  

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