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    Voice VLAN with NV1638P switches

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      We just bought 8 of these for one of our client to upgrade their network infrastructure. I am setting them up and was just wondering what would be the best solution for setting up voice VLAN. We have essentially 3 VLANs but no more than 2 at the time per port (except for trunk ports).  We have IP phones that will not work with Adtran using LLDP-MED, they are programmed manually with VLAN ID 5 and COS 5. So this is what I came up with for port configuration.


      VLAN 10 is an access VLAN on this switch, ports 47 and 48 are uplink ports.


      conf t

      interface range gigabit-switchport 0/1-46

      switchport access vlan 10

      switchport voice vlan 5

      qos trust cos



      I was wondering if this would be the best solution for this particular setup. Do I need to extend the trust (mls qos trust extend) just like on Cisco switches for phones with cos 5.


      I assume that the command qos trust cos in the above config would trust the cos received from any device on VLAN 10 and 5. How can I make the port so for the access vlan (in this case vlan 10) the cos will be set to default of 0 and for voice the cos would be 5 or whatever the phone is set to (the interface will be trusting the cos from the phone) ?


      Thank you