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    SIP Domains

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      Hello Guys,


      MOre than a technical question this is just a doubt about the set of requirements that I need to have in order for create a sip domain. The scenario is this:


      I have a NV7100 working on the premises, this NV allows remote clients to connect using the public IP address of the NV. But I was asked to change that in order to instead of using the Public IP address for register their SIP clients  the users can use something like this: "sip.companyname.com".


      Thanks a lot guys,

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          I'm afraid I did not completely understand what you were asking.  As long as the hostname being used remotely resolves to the public IP address of the NetVanta 7100 it should reach the unit.  The ability to register to a hostname instead of an IP address may depend on what exactly the remote "SIP clients" are (softphones, make and model of IP phone, etc). 


          I don't think this is what you are asking, but the 7100 can resolve hostnames to IPs and use those to filter incoming SIP connections in an Access Control List (ACL) applied to a firewall policy-class.  An example ACL can be seen in this post: Re: Security on NV7100


          I'm not sure if that helped or answered your question.  If you can provide some more details I will attempt to clarify any additional questions.




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              Dear Matt,


              Thanks for your answer and well let me try to rephrase my question:


              I will take the example of a VoIP service provider in Mexico, when someone purchase a SIP service, the Service provider gives the customer their credentials, and sometimes for their sip server they use a hostname instead of an IP. So for example when I want to register my SIP account with the provider in the SIP server I put something like sip.sipcomany.com


              What I want to do is something similar using my NV, and as you said NV have the ability to register a hostname, which is great.


              So back to my original question, is if I need to buy a domain from an authority, maybe in the same way when I try to put a web page on the internet, in where you first need to validate that the domain is available for use and then you can pay for the domain.


              Is similar for SIP Domain?


              Hope this to be more understandable!


              Thanks in advance,