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    Connection stays connected after users logs off computer

    ranweb New Member

      I have an environment that multiple users may share the same laptop and need to be seen as seperate users on vWLAN.




      User A logs onto laptop and then gets authenticated on the vWLAN as User A.  User B come along and needs to use the same laptop.  User A proceeds to log off computer and User B proceeds to log onto the computer.  User B opens web browser so vWLAN will present logon screen.  User B never gets logon screen and is able to access the internet without being prompted for User ID and Password.


      Upon reviewing Active Connection, it still shows that User A is still authentication with vWLAN.  While user BlueSocket prior to vWLAN, the older controllers used to open a small browser window that show the user that they were logged onto the Wireless Network.  If they clicked the "log off" in this small browser windows, it would kick them off the system.  Is the vWLAN cable of doing this?  Is there a way for the user to get dropped from the system once they log off the computer?


      Any ideas?


      Randy Webster