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    BS AP Manual Channel Assignment

    rhcl New Member

      I have five BSAP-1800 APs connected to a BSC-1200 controller; the system is currently configured for auto channel assignment on the APs.


      I am unable to make manual channel assignments on APs on g/n which "stick".  I suspect that the problem may be the setting: "Wireless -> Global -> Auto Channel Select", which I am unable to change. (If I deselect it, saving the settings reverts it to auto). Whether that is the problem or not, when I do a manual assignment of an AP, for example, setting it to 6, saving, and applying the setting, after a given period of time (random-1 or more hours) the setting will change, typically to "4", but it can be anything. Of interest, I can change the power settings no problem. I have this problem with at least four of the APs. I am leaving the a/n setting on auto.


      Clearly there is some setting which is enforcing some "auto config" policy.



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          kennethfernandes Employee

          On the BSC under Wireless>Service>Dynamic RF Configuration of APs you need to select "Disabled" or your static channels may be changed by Dynamic RF. Alternatively I believe you could also click Display Advanced Settings for Dynamic RF and uncheck Auto Channel - b/g/n if you only wanted to statically configure 2.4GHz radio (b/g/n) channels.

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              rhcl New Member

              That's it! That fixed it!


              I owe you a Mt. Dew.



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                nick Employee

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