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    netvanta 3200 red lights

    samiotis New Member

      Hi I, am new here and a newbie. 

      I have a netvanta 3200 and their two questions first the unit is barely up and running with two red lights in the front panel WAN~red, LNK~red and STAT solid green.

      The second question can I access physically the unit's GUI and do any testing with just a ETH cable.

      The company who manages my Wi-Fi service is no longer in contract and the router is my responsibility. Thank you for helping

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          Thank you for asking this question in the support community.  Typically, it is recommended to have a console cable (straight-through serial cable) when initially configuring a unit, because this method is always successful in connecting to the unit, regardless of the unit's configuration.  However, if the unit has the factory-default configuration on it, or you know the unit's IP address, then you can access it with only an Ethernet cable (some models maybe require an Ethernet crossover cable; or a switch between the PC and router).


          Accessing the Web Interface in AOS (default configuration)

          1) Configure a computer with an IP Address of

               a. Set the computer’s default gateway to

          2) Connect the AOS device’s private interface to the computer’s Ethernet interface

          3) Open a web browser.

          4) In the address bar type

          Note: If you do not receive a username and password prompt, please follow the section in the guide (below) about factory-defaulting your AOS device. Then attempt using this guide again.


          If you are taking over management of an AOS unit and you do not know the configuration of the unit, then you may need to bypass the passwords on the unit, and enable the web interface to begin configuring it.  Here is the Password Recovery document, and here is the Accessing the Web Interface in AOS document.


          Finally, the red lights on the unit typically mean those ports are configured, but nothing is plugged into them.  Here is a link to the LED Indicator document, which will explain all the LEDs in AOS.


          Please, do not hesitate to reply to this post with any additional questions or information.  I will be happy to help in any way I can.



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