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    Voicemail System Dropping to Fast Busy

    jwable Frequent Visitor

      I am having an issue with ECS server dropping to a fast busy after 45 Seconds of recording.

      Seerver Version 4.5

      Call Flow:

      Outside call is sent to Auto-Attendant

      Auto-Attendant has Dial by Extension enabled

      Dial by Extension goes to Dial by Extension module


      If call is unanswered it goes to users Voicemail box

      Recording stops after 45 seconds record time.  The calling party hears a fast busy signal,  System logs indicate user hung up.


      Below is a screenshoot of the Voicemail settings.


      Problem happens with users using Local Message Store or Exchange message store.  It also does not matter if the are using PBA or PA, or if the have UC Client or not.


      Is there anywhere else in ECS where call recording time might be affectd?


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          jwable Frequent Visitor

          I think I found the problem it appears to be on the provider circuit, they are sending a BYE message roughly 50 seconds after the one way RTP stream of leaving a message starts.  However if anyone has any additional suggestions on things to check on ECS I wouldn't mind covering all my bases.  Like is there anyway to set up some sort of keep alive while recording the message just so the provider doesn't think it is a one way audio stream?  Or anything else I should double check.

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              If your gateway is receiving a BYE from the provider they would need to provide an explanation of why they are terminating the call.  They may need a packet capture and/or SIP debug from the gateway being used in this setup to determine the cause.  Do you also have problems with outside calls being disconnected if they are transferred from one internal user to another? Ex: outside caller calls phone A, phone A transfers call to phone B, then talk for a couple minutes to make sure call stays up.




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                jwable Frequent Visitor

                FYI here is a screenshot of the packet flow which helped me identify the answer.  In the screenshoot you can see where the BYE message was started by the far end and sent through the Gateway device to the ECS server on the other end.