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    number complete template

    rob_h New Member

      I have setup an Atlas 550 to act as a bridge between an existing Rolm PBX and a Cisco Callmanager.   Originally, the 550 was used just to convert PRIs provided by the Local TELCO to T1 RBS sigaling to the PBX.   We had an issue connecting the Cisco Router directly to a T1 Trunk port on the Rolm, so I put another T1 Card in the 550, and connected the Cisco Router as a PRI to it.

      I configured the DialPlan on the port the router was connected to receive the 4 digits in the range of the extensions on the Callmanager.   I set a number complete template for that range as well.  It has worked fine until we discovered this week that there is a local phone office code or prefix that matches the first 3 digits of our phone extensions on the Callmanager.   So instead of a 7 digit PBX call going out to the PSTN, it is ringing a student's phone on the Cisco Callmanager system.


        Do I need to remove the number complete template for the 4 digit extensions on the Callmanager, and then reduce the digit timeout value to a few seconds so that the Atlas Dialplan will accept the full 7 digits of the overlapping office code number?

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          patrick Employee

          Yes, you will need to either remove the 4-digit pattern you created in the NUMBER COMPLETE TEMPLATE or modify it so it is specific enough to include the numbers you need to have routed to the Cisco and still exclude the local exchange numbers.


          If you are not able to modify the number complete template so the 4-digit extensions exclude the first 4 digits of the local 7-digit numbers then you will need to reduce the END OF NUMBER TIMEOUT. The minimum value for this is 4 seconds. Also if a “#” is sent at the end of the number, the ATLAS will understand that as an “end of number mark” and will dial immediately after receiving the “#”, otherwise if the digits haven’t matched one of the patterns it will wait for the END OF NUMBER TIMEOUT before processing the call.