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    Atlas 550 - Timer Expiry and Offhook Timer status messages

    joeb5110 New Member

      I've been unable to find an explanation of some frequent status messages we see in our Adtrans:


      Ntw1|1|Call clearing: TIMER_EXPIRY : Loc=U
      Ntw2|1|DS0 Offhook-Originate Timer Expired
      [ADTRAN]:DP Outgoing Signallin|Ntw2|1|Ds0:1 No Answer within 25 seconds


      Ntw1 is connected to telco, Ntw2 is pbx. The examples are from various sites, not one.


      We don't get complaints about dropped calls, but if that does occur it would likely be intermittent

      and not always the same users, so we would never know. Possibly this doesn't indicate any quality issue.




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          patrick Employee

          The "TIMER_EXPIRY" message is an ISDN message that one of the ISDN timers expired without a response or keep-alive. Generally I have seen this when the ATLAS is doing PRI to RBS [with E&M Wink signaling (or Feature Group D) on the RBS T1] and the ATLAS does not receive a WINK in response to an inbound call. So the originating call would be dropped - more than likely with only hearing dead air for about 10 seconds.


          "Offhook-Originate Timer Expired" indicates an offhook condition on a T1 or FXS port that has stayed in that condition for longer than the END OF NUMBER TIMEOUT. This can happen if the ATLAS clears a call after the far end hangs up, but the the end equipment stays offhook. This is an alert but does not necessarily indicate a problem, unless the offhook condition does not clear.


          "Outgoing Signaling|Ntw2|1|Ds0:1 No Answer within 25 seconds" is another warning message that does not necessarily indicate a problem. It is simply indicating that a call was initiated but there has been no answer (or connect) after 25 seconds. With a ring cadence of 4 on and 2 off, this ends up being roughly 4 or 5 rings.


          Thank you,


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              arras New Member



              You mentioned that the "offhook-Originate Timer Expired" message is not necessarily an indication of a problem unless the offhook condition doesn't clear.  How can one check the offhook condition to be sure that it has cleared?


              We just started seeing this error message today approximately 4-5 times.


              Thanks in advance for your response,



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                  patrick Employee

                  Unfortunately there is not an “easy” way to verify the condition has cleared. The “Offhook-Originate Timer Expired” message doesn’t give the DS0 that the condition occurred on, so you either have to log the “DP Outgoing Signalling” at INFO and try to monitor the off-hook and on-hook conditions to see if a call clears but the channel stays off-hook; or you can look under MODULES an under the MENU for the module giving the “Offhook” message go to MENU and the DS0 STATUS, and monitor the display to see if any of the channels stay active (A) or off-hook (O). If all of the DS0s cycle to a period (.) at some point, indicating an “idle” condition then the condition clears.