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    DID to Auto Attendant

    mike_fc9 New Member

      I'm trying to setup a DID to go directly to an Auto Attendant on our NV7100.  Adding an alias to the Auto Attendant works for DID numbers that come in on our local PRI, but it does not seem to work for DID numbers that come in through a remote PRI (connected to a NV6355).  Is there something else I need to do to get a DID number from the 6355 connected directly to an auto attendant?

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          unified Past_Featured_Member

          Hi mike_fc9,


          Make sure the provider is sending the correct number of digits that you are expecting.

          If you are expecting 10 or 11 and the provider confirms they are sending 10 or 11 make sure the 6355 is not configured to send only 4.


          Send the output of "debug sip stack messages" taken during a call setup and the DID routing from the NV7100 I may be able to give a more definite answer.


          Thank you,

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              mike_fc9 New Member

              We're getting 4 digits, and it works fine on User Accounts and Ring Groups when I put those numbers under "DID Numbers", but Auto Attendants don't have an option for "DID Numbers" (they just have aliases).  What is the difference between a "DID Number" and an "Alias"?  I can make it work by setting up a virtual user account with a DID Number and setting the call coverage to go directly to the auto attendant, but it seems like there should be a simpler way to do it.  I can try to get the debug output tomorrow, but I just thought there might be a simple answer for this.

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              mike_fc9 New Member

              Well, I got it working but I don't know why.  Apparently it works fine if I reassign a DID number that was already hooked up to another ring group.  This was ultimately what I wanted to do anyway, but I was trying to test it with an unsed number before I switched the real number over to the new auto attendant.  So it works fine now, but I guess I'm going to have a problem if I ever want to use any of my other unused DID numbers from that block.

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                  For the purposes of routing inbound calls on the 7100 DIDs take precedence over aliases, but as you mentioned there is not a DID option for auto-attendants.  You were correct to assign an alias to the auto-attendant.  I would need to see the output from a debug sip stack messages and a  debug voice verbose to tell why it did not work initially.  One scenario that could have happened was if the number used for the alias existed elsewhere on the system and could have taken precedence over the alias. Here is the list in order of priority that is used to route inbound calls on a NetVanta 7100:


                  1. DID
                  2. voice users
                  3. voice  grouped-trunks
                  4. alias/sip-identity


                  Due to the fact that aliases are processed after grouped-trunks when routing inbound calls you would need to add reject statements matching the alias number on the grouped-trunks assuming the voice trunks are configured for no reject-external (enables trunk to trunk calls and needed for forwarding numbers externally).


                  If you have some more free DIDs in the block that are not being used anywhere else you could make a test auto-attendant and assign it one of the numbers as an alias to test.  If you have problems with that we would be more than happy to help.


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                      mike_fc9 New Member

                      Thanks matt - I just took another look at this and I think I've got it figured out now.  The problem was actually on the 6355 - it was not sending the calls to the 7100.  On the 6355, I did not have my entire block of numbers setup under "Outbound Permit Templates" on the Trunk Group containing the SIP trunk to the 7100.  So I added a template to cover the rest of my DID block and now it all seems to work correctly.