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    Simple Routing Question (I hope!)

    dwn New Member

      It's been to long since I've had to play with routing and I just can't figure this out.

      Present system: 

      VOIP system attached to T1 interface of 6310.

      6310's eth0/2 has an address of n.n.n.149. 

      eth0/2 is attached to cable modem/router which has an address of n.n.n.150.

      The data network firewall/webfilter/AV has an address of n.n.n.148.  It is also attached to cable modem/router


      System works, but call quality issues occur that may be related to lack of QoS on cable modem /router.


      I want to plug the data network's firewall/webfilter/AV into the 6310's eth0/1 port and do QoS through the 6310.


      I tried to set eth0/1 to an address of n.n.n.147, but the 6310 would not accept it.  (Same network as eth0/2?)

      Set eth0/1 to x.x.x.1 and ip of testing laptop plugged into eth0/1 to x.x.x.2.

      Gateway on testing laptop set to x.x.x.1

      From the laptop, I can ping x.x.x.1 and n.n.n.149, but not n.n.n.150.

      I have a default gateway entry on 6310 from current setup dest: mask: next hop: n.n.n.150


      Any ideas on what I should add?


      Thanks in advance-


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          david Employee



          Thanks for posting!  Since the Ethernet interfaces on the 6310 are routed interfaces, you cannot have the same subnet (broadcast IP address) exist on both interfaces.  You do have a few different options though.


          1. One alternative would be to split, for example, a /29 subnet into two /30 subnets.  In this mode, you would need the upstream router be aware of this change and include a static route to the Adtran unit for the smaller subnet where the firewall resides.


          2. If it is not possible to add a static route on the upstream router, you may be able to use Adtran's "ip proxy-arp" feature so that it responds to ARP requests for the firewall behind it.  As with option 1 above, you would need that "smaller" subnet to reside on the second ethernet port.


          3. You can create a private subnet, such as, between Adtran unit and the firewall.  You would then need to setup NAT on the Adtran unit.  The disadvantage is that the firewall cannot be accessed directly, so you will likely need to configure port forwarding on the Adtran unit.


          In my opinion, the first option would be the best solution.  If you are unable to make this work as you would like, you may need to call in a normal support ticket using 888-423-8726.  We would be glad to assist you.




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            david Employee



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