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    Shared lines mapped to buttoms of IP712 phones hang

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             I have a strange problem I hope I can clarify it to you,

      firstly I have a number of IP 712 phones connected to NV7100 and map all my 6 analog shared lines to the phone line keys, but "when I press the second line key mapped to a shared line" and start dialing the first digit of the number, I can not dial the second digit and the phone does not accept any more digit and the phone seems to be in a half hang state, for example I can negotiate between the menu setting, read the directory but I can not dial any number neither choose any line key to make another call, then after about 2 minute and 30 seconds the phone start to reboot.


      to clarify the the paragraph "when I press the second line key mapped to a shared line": the first line key mapped to analog shared line "regardless of its position" work normally but all line keys mapped to analog shared lines after the first one cause the issue.

      As  a second note the issue does not happen in any polycom phone.


      Kindly find the information of my IP712 phone:

      App version : 1.3.12

      Boot App Verision: 1.3.12.



      Mostafa Aly


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