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    Migrating BSC Configuration 2100->2200

    unibas New Member

      Dear Adtran Support Community


      I have a similar challenge as the one that has been discussed before (migrating a configuration from a bsc400 to bsc600). In my case its a very big configuration of a bsc2100 which I need to migrate to a new bsc2200. I hesitate to simply use the backup/restore function accross different models without checking-back first.

      -1. Can you advice to take that path or is ther an other possibility?

      -2. Which precautions have to be taken when using the backup/restore path? (software versions..)


      Ill be glad for any advice.

      Thank you


      Andi Trautmann

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          kennethfernandes Employee

          You can restore a configuration from any BSC model to any BSC model as long as the BSC that you are restoring to is running the same or newer software release. You cannot restore a configuration from a newer software release to an older software release. If you are running version 5.2 or prior, you must upgrade to first to adjust the configuration file before restoring it to a BSC running 6.x.

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              kennethfernandes Employee

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