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    SDK for the NetVanta 7000 Series.

    cancercell2002 New Member

      Is there a SDK available for the NetVanta 7000 Series switch?


      We're a Call Center operation that makes out going calls only. We currently use custom application to track our client's phone numbers and make the actual phone call using analog lines (one analog line per agent). The problem is the analog lines. We can dial one number at a time. If that number is busy or not answering, then hung-up and dial the next number on the list.


      I was thinking of utilizing a phone switch like the NetVanta 7000 to use with our call center. I would develop/change our existing custom application that's tracking the client phone numbers to use the NetVanta 7000 switch APIs to make the outgoing phone calls. That way, our custom application would dial multiple numbers all at the same time, if one number answers, the agent gets the call. That way, the agent can call five numbers at the same time and whichever answers first, picks up.


      Is there a SDK or APIs that I can use for such a project?