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    Dynamic-DNS Behavior

    xucraig New Member

      I have about 75 NetVanta 3120s at branch offices around the country.  In some areas, we have not been able to get a static IP address, so we have set up Dynamic DNS through DynDNS dynect Managed DNS.  Everything is working great with the service, but I have a couple of questions about the behavior.


      1) Does it automatically update the service on IP change?  This would seem like the logical behavior, but the results of show dynamic-dns show that the next update is not for another 30 days.  Some of our IPs change much more frequently than that

      2) If it does not update on IP change automatically, is there a way to shorten the update window (say, to update every day)?


      Thanks for any assistance


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          Craig - Thanks for posting your question on the forum!


          First, I want to mention that AOS's dynamic DNS client currently only works with Dynamic Networking Services, Inc. (www.dyndns.org). The AOS client will automatically notify DynDNS when the router's interface changes IP address. DynDNS will then propagate the change through its network of DNS servers. The scheduled update you see is in case there is no change to the IP address within 35 days. The reason this update is scheduled is that if you are using Dynamic DNS service with DynDNS, then the entry will be deleted if there is no update received within 35 days, even if the IP address did not change.


          The document below goes into further details on how to configure Dynamic DNS within AOS and the services that Dynamic Networking Services offer that interop with AOS.


          Configuring Dynamic DNS in AOS - Quick Configuration Guide


          Let us know if you have any further questions.