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    Netvanta 7100 Paging Port

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      Good morning guys, I'm here with another question.


      - I'm trying to make an Overhead paging via using a Bogen PCM2000 system (PCM2000 is working good with Norstar 0x32 Phone System).

      - Norstar PhoneSystem is connected to a PCMTIM (PCM2000 Telephone Interface Module) and PCMTIM is configured as Page Port/VOX activation (A dry audio pair is used to detect audio and activate the system).

      - PCMTIM can be configured to work with different interfaces, PBX station lines and CO Lines, PBX Loop Start Trunk Ports, PBX Ground Start Trunk Ports, Page Port (Contact Closure) and Page Port (Vox Activation).


      - I ran a "Voice/Switchboard Debug" when dialing *30 or 8000, status is CONNECTED but no sound is heard on speakers.

        09:04:16.892 SB.CALL 90 State change      >> Connecting->Connected

        09:04:16.892 SB.CALL 90 Connected            ConnectResponse sent from 7235 to 8000

      - I ran a "Voice/Switchboard Summary" when dialing *30 or 8000, status is CONNECTED but no sound is heard on speakers.

        08:55:54.308 VOICE.SUMMARY RTP for Call from 7235 to 8000:  Codec PCMU

        08:55:54.313 VOICE.SUMMARY 7235 is connected to 8000 (8000)


      - All COS have Overhead Paging permitted


      Exist a special configuration for Paging Port?

      Netvanta is designed to work with specific Amplifier's Brands or Models?

      Can you let me know the Paging Port Tech Specs and operating requirements?



      Thanks for your help

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          If it can be connected properly to an FXO interface on the 7100 here is an example configuration that has worked for other paging systems:


          In this example extension 2360 is used to access an external paging system connected through the FXO 0/2 port on a NetVanta 7100.  If you wish to hear a DTMF tone on the speaker to introduce a page than any single digit can be placed inside the quotes for the dnis substitution command (match dnis "2360" substitute "").



          interface fxo 0/2

            no shutdown



          voice trunk T02 type analog supervision loop-start

            description "Paging System"


            connect fxo 0/2

            match dnis "2360" substitute ""

            rtp delay-mode adaptive

            rtp qos dscp 0

            codec-group g711_first



          voice grouped-trunk ANALOG_PAGING

            no description

            trunk T02

            accept 2360 cost 0



          I hope this helps.