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    7100 Directory not updating

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      We have a name change for one of our extensions.  I changed the name in the user list then went to the phone config and said to update directories but the change doesnt take.  I even tried re-booting the phone switch but no joy.


      What next?






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          lanceallison21 New Member

          Is the name change not showing up on the LCD screen on the phone or when the extension calls another extension?

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            Before you go the individual phone config file (under "IP Phone Configs"), did you first go to the "IP Phone Globals" and hit "Save Global Directory".  That creates the new/updated directory and then you can load it into the phone(s)' individual phone config files.  Did you do that step ("Save Global Directory") first?

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              Hi Dan,


              Step-by-step instructions on updating the phone directories:

              1) Navigate to Voice > IP Phone Globals and under the Global Directory click the "Save Global Directory" button at the bottom. If it is grayed out click the "Add custom directory entry", leave the new fields blank and then click the "Save Global Directory" button.


              2) Navigate to Voice > IP Phone Configs and click the box to select all phones.


              3) Once all phones are selected select "Other Actions" and then "Update Directories".  It is ok if error messages pop-up.


              4) Reboot all phones so they will download the new system directory containing the updated name(s).


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                dgardner New Member

                That did it.  Thank you Very Much!