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    ECS Server BLF

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      How do you configure BLF on the phones? The customer does not want to use Live Attendant. On the 7100 you create a status group and then assign the status group but I have not been able to find that with ECS.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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          jay Employee

          Jwable, if you are running UC Server Version 5.0 or up, the option to configure a BLF will be available in the phone configuration.


          1) Log into the client as the administrator

          2) Click on the "Phones" icon

          3) Double click on the phone that you wish to modify

          4) Click the "Insert" button

          5) In the new line that populates, select "BLF" from the "Type" drop down and select the user you wish to monitor from the "Value" drop-down

          6) Click "OK" and reboot the phone to allow it to pull its new configuration

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