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    Does Adtran 550 support point-to-multipoint frame relay?

    sydtran New Member

      Hi all,


      I have encountered a problem when configuring frame relay network on cisco routers with using Adtran 550 as the frame relay switch, and hope someone can give me a hand.



      Lavender, Berrys and LongMile are connected to Adtran 550 via serial links. I adopted point-to-multipoint frame relay scheme on the routers. The configurationn is listed below. Longmile was set to be Hub, and the other two were spoke routers.

      (On LongMile router)


      interface serial 0/0/0

      ip address

      encapsulation frame-relay

      ip ospf network point-to-multipoint

      frame-relay interface-dlci 102

      frame-relay interface-dlci 103



      The configurations on Berrys and Lavender are similar except for the IP address and the local DLCI. I correctly assigned IP address and DLCI to each router, and there wasn't layer1 connectivity issue. But when I brought up Adtran and the routers, the frame relay didn't work. when I issued 'show frame-relay pvc' command on the router, it showed the connection was 'inactive', which means that the PVC wasn't established. However, when I replaced the Adtran with a cisco router and configured it as a frame relay switch, the frame relay can work well which suggests my configuration is fine.


      So my question is: Does Adtran 550 not support point-to-multipoint frame relay configurations or is there anything wrong in my configuration? Do I need to add 'ietf' at the end of 'encapsulation frame-relay' command in order to make it work?


      Any ideas are appreciated!