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    1238 buggy interface issues

    smross New Member

      We have a 1238 using NV123XA-17-09-03-00.biz


      Today a few hosts started losing connectivity - interfaces started dropping off the MAC table.


      We moved the affected hosts to another switchport and the host came online.  Plugged the host back into its original port and lost connectivity.  There is no port-security on the switch.  The weird issue is that when we unplug the host from the affected switchport, the switchport is still showing connected and is still sending out packets/broadcasts.


      We rebooted the switch and that cleared the affected switchports and they show notconnected now however we are now experiencing strangeness regarding the MAC table. 


      The mac table will show 22 MAC's.  we run the command again and it will only show 6 , we run the command again and it will show 4 and we run it again and it will show 24.  The MAC table is not stable currently. 


      I am not sure if we are experiencing some bug or something.