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    Android on vWLAN

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      This might not be the best place to ask but I figured I'd start here.  Currently we have vWLAN setup primarily for Windows laptops and PC's but we are starting to bring in more Android devices.  We are using 802.1x for authentication to a Windows radius server.  We also require clients to have a certificate insatlled on their machine.  Now this works great for Windows but Android clients authenticate using just a users credentials and no certificate.  Is there a way to force Android clients to use both a users credentials and a certificate?  Will I need to redo my authentication shceme?





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          When a mobile devices connect to the 802.1x SSID, the client will be presented with the certificate from the Windows Radius Server where the client will accept and install the certificate.  After the client accepts the certificate, it will not be presented to do so again until a new certificate is generated on the Radius Server.  You should not have to change your authenticate scheme.

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