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    Inherited LAN and don't know IP of switches.

    cardenar New Member

      How do find the IP of switches when there is no local documentation? I 've tried CLI, it own't respond. I've tried in Browser to 30 different IP's that it could be and no response.My DHCP gives me 2 IP's labled "switch" but those IP's don't respond. Any ideas?

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          @cardenar - The default management IP address of all NetVanta switches are However, it seems in your case, these switches do not have the default configuration currently set on them. Your best bet is to obtain a straight-through serial cable to console into the switch. Once you have this cable, follow the instructions in the thread linked below. It will explain how you can access the configurations of these switches using the backdoor method of going through bootstrap. Once you are able to view the configuration, you can figure out which IP address the switches are using and even reset the password if you need to.


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          Let us know if you have any further questions.